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Central Valley Cyber Kiwanis

Disclaimer : This is not CVCK’s official website. Everything posted in here is with the permission of CVCK’s board. I, Dr. Hina Fatima, am a member of CVCK and run their official blog, hence in an effort to promote my club, I have included this section on my personal blog.


“Serving, Without Boundaries”

CVCK is a service organization composed of warm hearted people who have a passion and dedication to serve the children of their communities, irrespective of their race, faith and region. They cross all boundaries to help the most vulnerable, to share with them their time, skills, knowledge, experience and love.

Cyber Kiwanians work for a way of life in which they believe, to change the fate of society by ‘Serving the children of its community, One child at a time!’

It was founded in 2008, chartered in September 2009 and as we enter 2014, we are proud to say we have 17 members (and growing) from all age groups and from different parts of the United States. That, my friend, is the beauty of cyber clubs! We defy conventional meeting methods, our projects differ but our goal is the same!

YOU CAN BE A PART OF US TOO! Find out how and why…


CVCK supports 3 key clubs:

Hanford West High School key club
Sierra Pacific High School key club
Hanford High School key club

Ways to get involved

Since this is a cyber club and we have members in different cities, one wonders how we can get involved in a project that is being done, say, in Hanford, California. Here is what you can do sitting in your own neighborhood.

1. Stay Connected : attend conference call meetings (usually at 7pm PT ie 10pm ET, a Tuesday) or respond to meeting agendas sent through emails (counts as attendance), stay aware of the projects, provide input and suggestions, ask questions.

2. Report Service Hours : any community service you do for anyone anywhere, report the monthly hours to our secretary or utilize the forum, they need to be reported to Kiwanis International.

3. Utilize your skills, knowledge and experience : Can you write? Are you good at promoting/marketing something? Any particular skill, hobby, interest you have? Share your knowledge and experience that can benefit others.

4. Initiate projects : you want to raise awareness about something or spread awareness about something, you want to do a fundraiser for another non-profit, you can use the resources the club provides to initiate a community service project in your area. Of course everything needs to be approved by club board members first.

5. Promote Cyber Kiwanis projects : help us raise funds for our scholarship program through our fundraising campaigns, do one of your own like a yard sale, a game night, a zumbathon etc with the proceeds going to our club foundation, spread news about our projects, gain individual and corporate support for our activities. Scholarships can be awarded in your area with your contributions.

To find out more, visit our website www.cyberkiwanis.bravehost.com

Official Blog www.cvckiwanis.bravejournal.com


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