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Moms Helping Moms

on December 16, 2015

In September 2015, I happened to stumble upon Moms Club of Fresno North on facebook. I discovered a group of dedicated moms trying to be there for other moms, extending a hand of compassion and providing support to moms in need. It is not only a social group, set up to provide play dates and mother’s time out opportunities to its members but also a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization committed to making a difference. I was invited to their clothes and toys swap meeting at Woodward Park library. I met this wonderful group of very busy moms, some expecting, others nursing and then more with kids all ages. I could easily blend in with two minor girls of my own. I joined the club instantly.

Heather Blades is the president of the club. She herself joined the club five years ago when her second son was two years old. Her eldest was twenty and with such an age difference, she wanted to find moms with younger kids to hang out with. That’s when she found Moms Club of Fresno North.

Her inspirational journey from being ‘just a mom’ to the president of moms club of Fresno North involves her commitment to do more than the regular service projects the club has been doing in the past. “The first thing I did to become more involved was to become an activity coordinator,” she told me. “I took that job so I could help plan outings and play dates for the members. It seemed like an easy way to start. I was then nominated and elected to become the Membership VP. I remember what it was like to reach out to the club when I was interested in joining the club and I wanted to provide a friendly and welcoming experience to moms looking to join the club. I was then nominated for President and I was the only one who stayed on the ballot. I guess the inspiration was that I wanted our chapter to continue, so I jumped in with both feet.”

MOMS Club of Fresno North held a Golf tournament and Silent Auction Dinner for the Endowment for Valley Children’s Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program last year. The program provides cancer survivor kids with the education, support and treatment needed to live healthier, happier lives. “Today, an overwhelming majority of childhood cancer patients survive,” says Heather, “However, the same treatments that cure cancer, puts them at risk for long-term health problems resulting from surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. We were able to provide the program with a check of $15,701.”

The club has also supported Mighty Moms Foundation, another charitable foundation established by Dr. John Burnett of Fresno, California, which recognizes the intense financial burdens and emotional stress of single mothers, as they undergo cancer treatments. MOMS Club of Fresno North has been able to help two Mighty Mom families with a Thanksgiving meal and one with Christmas dinner and presents for the kids. With the generosity of many of the club members, they were also able to supply one family with household items and furniture that they desperately needed. Here is a video that tells ….. story who was helped by moms club of Fresno north.

“This year, MOMS Club of Fresno North received 4 awards at our yearly Regional Luncheon,” Heather told me. “One was for our support of the Mother to Mother fund, which helps members who have been affected by an emergency. The others were an outstanding chapter award and for our Service projects and Golf tournament. The club also has a Sunshine committee/ helping hand that helps members with meals, babysitting, grocery shopping, house keeping or any other needs during an illness, after having a baby, when on bed rest or in an emergency situation.”

Isn’t it amazing how much stay at home moms can do for the community. Every member gives something to the club. “From the moms that step up and help plan activities or take on a board position to the moms who help with service projects,” says Heather, “It would be hard to just acknowledge a few. Without all of them the club would not be what it is.”

Thank you Heather Blades for playing such an important role in the society. And thanks to all members of Moms Club of Fresno North for welcoming me with open arms and giving me an opportunity to hang out with them and know them better.


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