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Inspirational writers wanted!

on July 30, 2015


Are you a motivational speaker, a volunteer, a teacher, a life coach or a mentor? Do you love inspiring others? Do you make a powerful impact in someone’s life? Do you know someone who is changing lives? If yes, get in touch with me.

I need guest bloggers to write an inspirational post on what ever topic they wish, every week starting August 2015. It can be a life story, an achievement or an on-going effort that helps improve lives of the community.

This is is a project of Cyber Kiwanis, a volunteer based service club, based in Central Valley, California.

I am accepting posts starting today. The post has to be between 600-1000 words and will be published on the official blog and website of Central Valley Cyber Kiwanis. The guest post can be emailed at effess82@gmail.com . If the post is honoring ¬†somebody’s achievement, it can also be featured as “Community Friend” on our website.

Thank You.

Hope to hearing from you soon. Ciao!


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