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Bring the Goodness Out in You…find out about Kiwanis today!

on July 25, 2015


We are all born with goodness within us. That is why children are pure, innocent, honest and straight up front. Their innocence is their essence, their goodness! As they grow older, life, surroundings and experiences teach them how to manipulate, to defend themselves and to do things that may not always be right, but they do it anyways.

We are all born different. None of us chose to be born in a certain house, on a certain continent and yet we see so many injustices happening in the world around us. We see lack of tolerance and empathy. People giving more importance to their own ‘self’ than others, trying to enforce their own opinions and forgetting others have equal rights on this planet as they do.

Kiwanis is a platform that tries to bring the goodness out in people. Do good and feel good. Kiwanis’ clubs all around the globe have been bringing people together to work towards creating a positive world, spreading tolerance and empathy for others, teaching us to think beyond our own selves and fostering a loving, caring and productive environment for everyone. It all starts one person at a time, starting from our own self, then the people around us and then the people beyond. We cannot change the world without changing ourselves. We cannot create tolerance without acceptance, without getting into the shoes of others.
Read the whole post at: http://www.cvckiwanis.bravejournal.com/entry/148322#eF5RbK5Jtsckt8Rx.99


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