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Memberships in Service Clubs (Part 2)

on May 15, 2015

Part Two: Retaining Memberships

Once the aspiring new member decides to join, the first meeting is a crucial step as it is the first impression and deciding factor of whether they will come to more meetings. Establishing the importance of meeting among members is a way to prevent fluctuating, low attendance and diminishing interest among members. Making sure each member feels involved is the key in keeping them.

Communication is one of the major aspects of keeping a club in sync, and is important in developing a successful club.This can help the members feel a part of the club and be a valuable asset to the organization. Hopefully, good ideas will allow them to have consistent interest throughout the year. Set the tone of the club by connecting personally with interested people. Strive to create an environment where members want to be there.

Members tend to attend meetings because of the friends and relationships they have developed with other members. Keep meetings fun and lively. Without mutual respect and appreciation, any club has the potential to fail. Keeping the members coming back is what counts.

It is just the matter of getting over the initial fear, of being in a new setting, with new people. Once the new member feels comfortable, that is when friendships are made and a great time at a club begins.

Create projects that are fun, doable and everybody can participate. Reach out to the members and ask them what they need, what they want. Accommodate them, find things that interests them. Keep in touch frequently, utilize technology; texting, social networking. Make everyone feel needed. They are a part of a service club and every action of their counts. Appreciate them, acknowledge them, most of all commemorate them.


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