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Memberships in “SERVICE CLUB” (Part 1)

on May 12, 2015

Today I am going to write about “service clubs” and the importance of maintaining memberships to sustain these clubs.

A club is a place where people come together around a common cause or concept. Clubs need to maintain memberships, to keep them running, making sure each member feels involved. Without dedicated members, a club cannot exist. Finding people who have that particular interest, that the club is all about, and having them sign up, can prove to be quite challenging.

Service clubs are volunteer based, non profit organizations whose members either perform direct hands-on community service or raise funds for other charitable organizations. Recent trends have shown a decline in memberships of these service clubs. My goal is to explore ways to gain membership and also retain them. Since it is a very broad topic, I will cover it in two parts.


Part one: Attracting Memberships

To attract potential members who are dedicated and committed, we need to understand the nature of our probable recruits. Many people are unsure of what they want to do and what they can do and most clubs prove to be intimidating. Many do not feel educated enough to fully participate in a certain club, many do not have the money to pay the membership fee and many fear lack of time and commitment.

An ideal club should be welcoming towards beginners, who are interested in learning. It should have a minimum membership fee and flexible meeting options so people, who are not available at a certain time, can be accommodated. Once people get familiarized with the club, they can get involved in more focused projects that they feel passionate about. Such a club appears to be less intimidating, as it is more open and offers people to discover their own interests. The less limitations a club has on membership, the more members it draws in.

Clubs need to be accessible. Start by searching the club’s page online and one should be able to find general information and how to contact its most current president. Having a continually updated Facebook page, with pictures and information, current events and members willing to talk to new recruits is always very effective. In this way, people on the go can keep in touch, anytime, all the time.

Every club does their very best to appear welcoming and appealing, but gaining new members is a constant challenge. Invitation based recruitments, word of mouth, recruiting events, info fairs, social networking and advertisements are different ways to let the word out.

Invitation based recruitment establishes a sense that a person’s presence is truly desired so that the new person truly feels welcomed and important. It affirms that the club is legitimate and it instills a personal tie into the group.

Word of Mouth is the most effective way of recruiting members. Members talking to non-members, peers, community people, passing on information about the club, sharing their excitement, showing what they do best and sharing their activities and skills.

Displaying effective club activities and exciting events is also very effective. People will naturally be more interested in a club if it displays active and interesting events.

Advertisement is a great way for the clubs to catch the eyes of new members. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, emails, posters at events, tabling at vendors and booths at fairs are all ways to advertise. With current members on Facebook, they are able to send out invites to friends who they think would like to join the club. On Facebook, the members can post information about their clubs and answer any questions. It is basically a team work.

Event recruiting is also a method used by different clubs that works in creating a larger membership base. Once you have impressed a potential candidate enough that he is willing to attend your club’s meeting, then starts the second phase.


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