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I am talking to you…

on June 15, 2014

How I started blogging!

Okay. So I joined Cyber Kiwanis last year. Almost 6 months I was a silent spectator because of my pregnancy. Then I attended a few fundraising events for the club. And then…I moved!

Since I moved and with very young children to take care of at home, I did not know how to help. Marie, the club secretary who was managing almost everything single handedly, made an appeal, “Somebody please take over the website and newsletter, there is only so much I can do!” So I grabbed the opportunity, took over the website, made an end to the newsletter and started over! If a 65 year old could do it, why not me?!

Now! How to bring people to my website? Blog! That’s it! So I started blogging for the club….but there was no way to share what I wrote with people other than put up links on my personal Facebook page. That was not good. So I researched and read about other blogging sites.

I started with tumblr, found it hard to manage the dashboard. Deleted the blog. WordPress!! ¬†Everybody was using it, I imagined it to be extremely difficult. But lo, I am still here. And I am learning. So my journey as a blogger continues. I have two blogs now, one for my club (which is more informational) and one here (which is more personal). And I try to bring people to my club’s blog through this blog. And it’s an effort.

The more I read other people’s blogs, I realize it is more of an informal diary that one shares with other people, completely unknown people. And I was basically writing more factual, bookish kind, an informational website type of blogs which are not appealing at all.

So here I am, sharing my thoughts, talking to you for the first time!

What do you say…? We should talk more?


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