Fatima's Heart

Listen to the Rhythm of my Heart!


on May 31, 2014

#YesAllMuslimWomen , you are not alone

#YesAllMuslimWomen , you are covered from top to bottom and yet raped incessantly

#YesAllMuslimWomen , you don’t drink and you don’t date but yet you are drugged and harassed and emotionally humiliated in every way possible

#YesAllMuslimWomen , your birth is a shame, your existence is a shame so you will be killed before you’re born (female infanticide)

#YesAllMuslimWomen , look what the educated women is going through, you deserve better, no schools for you, burn down all girls’ schools that exist

#YesAllMuslimWomen , see what the liberated woman is going through, stay locked up in your homes or you’ll be hunted down, in fear of the shame that you will bring

#YesAllMuslimWomen , you are just not intelligent enough to even have an opinion

#YesAllMuslimWomen , your men can have multiple pre-teen wives and all you have to do is bare them kids, as many as possible, since contraception is not a choice you have

#YesAllMuslimWomen , do not dare reject a man or you will be disfigured for life (acid attack)

#YesAllMuslimWomen , pray your family has no dispute of any kind with any other family or you will be labelled an adulteress and stoned to death (in front of thousand spectators including law enforcing agencies)

#YesAllMuslimWomen , be ready to be beaten up by your husband and in-laws, everyday, for not bringing in enough dowry

#YesAllMuslimWomen , you were created from Adam’s bent rib, you were the reason he was thrown out of heaven, you bring disgrace to mankind

#YesAllMuslimWomen , there will be more of you in hell because of your gossiping and back-biting nature even though we will continue raping you, molesting you, trafficking you, kidnapping you and forcing you into sex trade

#YesAllMuslimWomen , paradise lies under your feet only if you have a son, your daughters have to be subservient to their husbands, only then will they enter paradise (if they are utterly obedient, and don’t gossip, and don’t even think of another man’s name)

#YesAllMuslimWomen , understand your religion yourself and educate your sons

#YesAllMuslimWomen , oh I forgot, you don’t have access to the the religious transcripts so you have to believe and follow what men tell you

#YesAllMuslimWomen , O you oppressed woman of the East, meet today’s liberated woman of the West, their problems are not very different from yours

#YesAllMuslimWomen , all atrocities done on you are in the name of religion, so ONLY GOD can help you!

#YesAllMuslimWomen , how many will accuse me of distorting or mis-representing religious views?

#YesAllMuslimWomen , how many self righteous friends will unfriend me after reading this?

#NotAllMen , yes! #NotJustMuslimMen



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