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My mid-year Summer Resolution!

on May 27, 2014

When I joined Cyber Kiwanis, I was clueless as to what I was supposed to do. As I observed, followed and educated myself more about the role of Kiwanis in the community, I understood.

It is all about taking initiatives, to bring that change that you want to see, doing everything in your power to help that cause that you think is being neglected. It is about taking things into your own hands to impact someone’s life in a positive way!
Cyber Kiwanis taught me to listen to my inner voice, to take responsibility and to change everything that is plaguing our society.

As Summer approaches and school year ends, as happy graduating faces look forward to new chapters in their life, I realize this is the best time to evaluate the goals in our lives and to start thinking about what really makes us happy. Using my barriers as my resources (my kids as my assets), I decide to pen down my ‘Summer Resolutions’ and to start taking action!

1. A friend in Need is a friend Indeed!

I was introduced to a homeless girl I did not know by my friend. She is a single mother of two minors living in Desplains, Illinois. I have been talking to her almost every day for past 7 months, giving her advice, calming her fears, giving her hope and praying for her and the safety of her daughters. I visited her too when I was in Chicago this month to see my ailing mother in law. Since then, I worry about her more. The least I could do was give her some money and the most I do, is every day, talking and letting her share her feelings!

2. Education for all!

Education is free in US till high school, but in a country where I come from, education is a luxury. ‘Zindagi’ meaning life in Urdu is a trust created by a famous singer in Pakistan for whom providing primary and secondary level education (till grade 10) to poor children living in urban slums of Pakistan is a priority. I signed up as a volunteer with Zindagi Trust, initiated a dictionary project for them(about which I had learned from Cyber Kiwanis only) and now will be involved in their community outreach program.

3. Starting a Summer Camp in my neighborhood!

With two daughters of my own, i found it hard to find places where you can involve kids as young as 3 yrs and 8 months. The only place I can take my daughters is to the public library (my older one loves books) or to the park, which with increasing summer heat, will become even harder with time. So I decided to initiate a summer camp of my own. Engaging the Pakistani community living in Fresno, I thought this was best for the kids of my community. The summer camp will include reading a short story, singing rhymes, doing arts and crafts, maintaining a scrap book, a little bit of education mixed with fun! And all with the help of other parents just like me!

So this is my mid-year summer’s resolution. And that’s what Cyber Kiwanis is all about! Taking initiatives, connecting with friends with similar sentiments and reporting service hours at the end of the month completing the feel of accomplishment !

You can visit my other blog at http://www.cvckiwanis.bravejournal.com to find out what I have been writing about over there!


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