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De-stress…the key to losing weight!

on May 21, 2014

As I wrote my second ‘obesity’ related article for my e-club’s blog (my second blog), I realized exercise is advised in both cases not as a remedy to lose weight, but as a prevention tactic for gaining weight. As we eat, insulin is released which helps in utilizing nutrients and storing them as fats. Exercising muscle doesn’t require insulin to use up glucose, hence the weight gaining effect of Insulin is reduced.

Similarly, physical activity tends to lower our physical and mental stress levels. Hence release of cortisol is decreased, which again plays a role in weight gain. How Insulin and cortisol cause weight gain…you can read my blogs on ” Diabesity, the link between diabetes and obesity ” and ” Stress and obesity ” at http://www.cvckiwanis.bravejournal.com

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ps: you can also find the complete post on diabesity on this blog, however to read about the Fight, Flight and Defeat mechanism of our body during stress and how it causes weight gain, you have to check out http://www.cvckiwanis.bravejournal.com


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