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My Weight Loss Journey, I did it before, I can do it again!

on May 13, 2014

At 32, with two young kids, today I weigh 156 lbs with a height of 5.4 inches. My BMI is 26.8, not very bad considering the range of being overweight is 25-29…but still I feel the need to lose that extra weight and get back to my pre-marital status which was 128 lbs. Seems hard, but not impossible.

The need is basically because my joints have started aching to the point that even at night, when I go to sleep, I can still feel the pain in my wrist and fingers and have to be very careful as to how I position my hand when I sleep. There is a history of arthritis in the family, but still, feeling exhausted all the time and an aching body is not what I want at this point in my life. So I figured, losing some of that extra weight might help.

i have done it before, my weight had reached 147 lbs before I got married and in one month, I brought it down to 128 lbs. But that was different, I did some crash dieting and exercised vigorously, which I don’t know if I can do right now. I can give it a try though.

So, I am aiming to lose 26 lbs at least in 2 months, to be able to maintain it further. I hope I can do it. Let’s see….

My first day starts off with a light breakfast of carrot juice and some cereal and a warm up exercise routine of ten minutes. That’s all my body can take for now. Am planning to repeat the routine every 6 hours, fill myself with water or green tea when I feel hungry and have a hearty dinner in the evening around 6 with my family. The plan sounds good. I hope I can stick to it. Let’s keep the fingers crossed and hope for the better. Ciao!


4 responses to “My Weight Loss Journey, I did it before, I can do it again!

  1. insomniacaloptimist says:

    Great post :)! What kind of exercise routines have you found to be ok? I too have quite serious joint pains, worst are my knees and then my hands, I cannot find a decent routine that doesn’t include squats or lunges and it is kind of disheartening…Giid luck with it anyway!!


    • Hey thanks, I just found a YouTube easy warm up cardio workout. It does have squats but again as I said, I am starting slow. 5-10 minutes a day to a couple of times in a day and then adding more routines later, depending on how my body takes it. Here is the link I found do-able, I hope it works for you too.


      • insomniacaloptimist says:

        Couldn’t see the link but I will have a look for something similar, I have been using some weights my partner recently bought and I have really enjoyed using them, but I don’t want to end up with a super slim hot top half and a chubby wobbly bottom half 😀 thank you!


      • Yeah the link got lost somewhere, lol….so I posted it again as a blog post. But you should do some research, there are great routines out there on you tube, you should be able to find some that suits you. Best of luck girl!


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