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FATIMA’s HEART….a campaign!

on May 5, 2014


So people must be wondering what ‘Fatima’s Heart Campaign‘ is? It’s very simple, I am listening to my heart. I am not a very wealthy person, just a house wife with two kids. my husband doesn’t make a lot of money, my parents never did either. But what they taught me in life, was to be contented. Do good, feel good!

I am an MD by qualification and people always question me, why don’t you practice, you’re wasting your education, the time, the hard work that was put in for 8 years for me to be qualified as a family physician? Well, I don’t think my education has gone to waste. So what if I am not a practicing, clinician! May be I wasn’t meant to be one! May be God wants me to do other equally important things in life. Every profession demands hard work, dedication and commitment and that is what the professionals are paid for, to carry out their jobs with utmost knowledge and precise skills. And every thing nowadays is about money!

My mother always told me, education is not about having a career, it is about giving you the knowledge to live in this world and understand how it works. It is not about making money, it is about exploring the possibilities you have. Money comes along in itself, with hard work and perseverance.

I come from a country (Pakistan) where hardly 2% of people are educated. There are three classes of education system; the public/government schools (70% ghost schools), the private schools (producing the average 2% educated lot) and then the Cambridge system (producing the export quality). I went to the best of all 3 systems. Primary & Secondary schooling at Cambridge, which gave me a strong base, a private high school which gave me a strong pre-med background and then the best govt med school in the country. I graduated in 2006, worked till 2008 when I got married to a US citizen. When I came to US, people use to be surprised how fluent my spoken English was, I was blessed.

Now I want to give back to the people, the country who made me what I am today. I want the other 98% of the people of Pakistan to feel as proud and blessed as I do. I am not in favor of creating a non-profit that works to help the communities, I want to help and empower the non-profits that already exist. I don’t have a lot of money to give away in donations, but I do have the capability to generate that income, that can be utilized to create awareness and help those, that are already in the field, to get closer to their goals.

That is what Fatima’s Heart is all about. I am a member of Cyber Kiwanis here in US, I take care of their website and blog. I discovered a Kiwanis Club of Karachi a few days back which is running an Early Intervention Program for Down Syndrome patients and also has a training program for physical, occupational and speech therapists that look after these special needs children. You cannot imagine how proud I feel that I am part of an International organization that is helping kids here in US as well as in my home country, Pakistan. This is what Fatima’s Heart is all about. Every drop contributes into making of an ocean. My heart is that drop! And I am sure, many drops will follow me :)!

My first project that I have initiated is sending dictionaries to a school in Karachi, Pakistan. Each dictionary is costing less than $3.00, which is nothing here but almost Rs.300 in Pakistan. I am putting in $100 myself. The hurdle I am facing is shipment. Shipping is costing me twice than the books themselves. If I can find someone who can sponsor the shipping or someone who is traveling to Karachi, Pakistan from US and volunteers to take them, it will be a great help. That is all Fatima’s Heart seeks for now. Is there anyone out there who can help me?!

Thank you for bearing with me for so long! May God Bless everyone!


2 responses to “FATIMA’s HEART….a campaign!

  1. I am J says:

    I wish you well with this meaningful quest, Fatima. Have you considered setting up a PayPal account and then creating a widget here on your blog so people who want to donate to your cause may do so? I’m not sure exactly how you do that but I’m sure the techies at WordPress could tell you how. It might be worth asking them. Blessings and best wishes for success.


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