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Social Reform, need of the hour!

on April 28, 2014

After reading news report published in Fresno Bee, about the alarming rise in hospitalizations of children with mental health issues, I was very disturbed. The article suggests that the mental health care crises especially in California is due to lack of and ineffective therapy programs, be it psychological or medical. I beg to differ here. Instead of focusing on how to treat and manage mental health issues in children and young adults, our focus should be on figuring out the causes and preventing children as young as 14 years in becoming suicidal or homicidal, something that we observe very commonly in todays world.

I come from a conservative Eastern society, where family ties are key in keeping children together; where children stay with their parents till they are married, be it age 30 or 40; where elderly parents live with their children and not in nursing homes. They are considered their children’s responsibility the same way the children are considered their parents responsibility. Where families of the bride and groom get to know each other before marital relations are established and where sexual interaction between anyone of any age outside wedlock is considered a major sin, leave alone teaching 12 year olds how to have “safe” sex! In that society, every member of a family protects each other, guides each other.

Let’s be honest here….where is the liberal, more independent, “living an American dream” life taking us? Into a dangerous world where one ends up all alone and the end is in a nursing home, a place away from kids and family and people for whom we lived all our life. Where teen pregnancies are the norm, single parent families are celebrated, living together without marital contract is fashion, those that are married end up divorcing since compromising for the partner or children is against liberation, nudity and drugs is modernism….let’s face it, the social culture of the Western society is the cause of mental health issues in our society.

Why? Think of the effects drugs and alcohol has on our mind and body. Then we expose our children to nudity and sex at very young age. Parents fighting each other, taking out their frustration on their kids, beating them, yelling at them, abusing them. So many abandoned children who don’t even know who their parents are, living in foster care. Children and women living in Battered Women’s Shelter. Where are the followers of Christ when it comes to teen dating and sex? When they become pregnant then it’s all about anti-abortion laws! These teens who cannot even take care of themselves have to face the challenge of raising up another child just as naive as they themselves and then you expect them to grow up normal. The parents and their children both.

What to do? Become responsible adults, mend your relationships, commit to families rather than ‘this is what I want’ . The kids follow our footsteps, when ‘they do what they want’, we don’t like it. Love your spouses, love your children. Teach your children to respect each other. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. When families disintegrate, society fails and first one to suffer are the most vulnerable, the children and the elderly.

Read about Child Abuse and related Mental Health Disorders here.


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